David Bromwich

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Sterling Professor of English
63 High St, New Haven, CT 06511-6642
(203) 432-0855


Princeton 1977-88; Yale 1988- .


Hazlitt: the Mind of a CriticA Choice of Inheritance, Politics by Other Means, Disowned by Memory: Wordsworth’s Poetry of the 1790s, Skeptical Music: Essays on Modern Poetry.


On Empire, Liberty, and Reform: Speeches and Letters of Edmund Burke, On Liberty  (co-edited), The Turn of the Screw


on Wollstonecraft, Shelley, Emerson, Shakespeare, Orson Welles; book reviews in the TLS, London Review of Books, The New Republic, New York Review of Books.


first-year poetry survey (English 125/126); Stevens and Frost; eighteenth-century prose; Shakespeare’s political plays; directed studies history/politics; Lincoln (co-taught); American-French cinema and culture 1930-1965 (co-taught).

Work in Progress

intellectual biography of Burke.