Can I be a Humanities major if I was not in Directed Studies?

Absolutely! Although some Humanities majors were in Directed Studies, it is by no means a requirement. The major is open to any students interested in the wide range of questions and interdisciplinary approaches found in the Humanities program.

Can I write a year-long senior essay?

Humanities majors have the choice of writing either a semester-long or a year-long senior essay. Check the Yale College “Blue Book” for information on deadlines for registration and submission. 

Do I have to specialize in a particular discipline as a Humanities major?

The Humanities major actually encourages students to explore numerous fields of study! The most successful senior essays have all been interdisciplinary in nature.

I have heard about a summer program in Rome for Humanities majors. Where can I get more information?

Students enrolled in the spring term course HUMS 444b “The City of Rome” may apply to continue their studies during a five-week summer course in Rome. More information will be available in January from the Yale Summer Session website.

Is it possible to double major with Humanities?

Many students have doubled majored in fields throughout the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.

Some of the Humanities seminars do not seem to fit into my schedule. How much flexibility is there in choosing my own courses?

The major offers the chance to determine your own program by working closely with the Director of Undergraduate Studies. Speak to her regarding how best to structure your course of study.

What sorts of careers do people pursue after graduating from the Humanities major?

Majoring in Humanities offers preparation for any number of fields. Alumni have pursued a wide range of careers from law to medicine to academia, finance to film. Click here to read profiles of a sample of Humanities alumni.

Whom do I contact for more information about the Humanities major?

In addition to the Director of Undergraduate Studies, you should seek out information from your Dean and other students. Throughout the year, the Humanities major also holds information sessions. Keep your eyes peeled for these events!