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For over two decades, the Humanities Major has brought together Yale undergraduates to engage in the rigorous study of the arts and letters. Its small size and dedicated faculty have created a community within the larger college community dedicated to thoughtful interdisciplinary studies. Graduates have gone on to pursue careers in law, medicine, film, academia, and many other fields.

The Whitney Humanities Center is exploring opportunities for Humanities alumni to revisit Yale and the fellowship of their undergraduate major. To do so, we need to know where you are! We are interested in learning how your life has been shaped by your experience with the major so that we can continue to strengthen one of Yale’s finest programs, and we would love to be able to include your alumni profile on this site.

Thank you for your assistance. We hope to welcome you back to the Humanities community soon.

Bryan Garsten

Paul Grimstad
Director of Undergraduate Studies, The Humanities Major

Humanities Major Alumni Questionnaire

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