Alumni, Careers, and Futures

Where will a Humanities degree take me?

Humanities in Action:

Each year, the Humanities Program sponsors a gathering of Yale alumni who majored in humanities-related areas for an afternoon-long conference. We held our 2020 conference on Sunday November 17.

Alumni Profiles:

Read more about what our alumni have been able to do in their professional and personal lives with their humanities education. 

How can I get back into the Humanities classroom?

Fall Festival of Seminars:

The Humanities Program is also planning weekend conferences for alumni to come back to Yale and spend a weekend taking seminars with Humanities Faculty. We concluded our 2nd iteration in October 2019. 

Yale Alumni Academy:

In conjunction with the Yale Alumni Association, the Humanities Program organizes immersive week-long summer opportunities for alumni to relive their time at Yale by living on campus and taking small seminars with leading professors.