HUMS 407, Interpretations - Mann’s Doctor Faustus

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W 1.30-3.20

Course Description:

A close examination of Mann’s most ambitious novel which seeks to elucidate the German mind, its past 500-year history, and its catastrophe in the 20th century. Broad exploration of the context of Doctor Faustus through readings in history, literature, literary history, music history and music theory, history of religion and theology. 

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Professor Jan Hagens

Jan Hagens’ research focuses on German and comparative drama (1550 to the present), drama theory, and philosophical and theological approaches to literature. He has published articles on seventeenth-century Jesuit drama, dramatic genre theory, theater semiotics, German film, Nietzsche, Freud, and language pedagogy.
His current research project, “The Wounded Embrace: An Essay on the Drama of Reconciliation,” examines potentially tragic plays that achieve productive resolution. Hagens’ teaching interests include German literature, film, intellectual history, and comparative drama, as well as theories of forgiveness and reconciliation.
He serves on the editorial board of Text and Presentation and the conference board of the Comparative Drama Conference.  At Yale Divinity School, he directs YDS Summer Study, the Visiting Fellows Program, and all international student exchange programs (Cambridge, Copenhagen, Heidelberg, Tübingen, Freiburg, Jerusalem, Hong Kong, and Singapore).