Franke and Shulman Seminars

The Franke Seminars and Lectures are intended to present important topics in the humanities to a wide and general audience, and to tie interdisciplinary undergraduate education to the work of distinguished visiting scholars. Made possible through the generosity of Richard and Barbara Franke, this series of lectures is organized in conjunction with Yale College courses (the Franke Seminars) and develops an annual theme of broad interest to the community.

The Shulman Seminars and Lectures , on the model of the Franke Seminars and Lectures, focus on the convergence of the arts and sciences. In recognition of his roles as a Founding Fellow of the Whitney and as an unwavering supporter of the integration of scientific study and the humanities, the series is named after Robert Shulman, Sterling Professor Emeritus of chemistry, molecular biophysics and biochemistry, and senior research scientist in diagnostic radiology.

This year’s Franke and Shulman Seminars:

This course examines selected case studies of marginal and fringe practices of radio broadcasting across its history. Prominent experts, scholars, and practitioners visit the course. 

Fall 2019
M 1:30-3:20

This course draws from feminist, postcolonial, and indigenous studies, critical race theory, and multispecies thought to explore questions in metaphysics, history of science, and politics. 

Spring 2020
M 1:30-3:20