February 4, 2019
Jeffrey Brown, Chief Arts Correspondent for the PBS NewsHour, visited The Humanities Program on February 5th and 6th.
•	Salvador Dalì, Illustration of Montaigne’s essay “On Vanity”, 1946
January 16, 2019
This course will offer a close reading of the Essays by Michel de Montaigne (1533-92), which is commonly considered a classic text of European early modernity.
What Does It Mean To Be Human Poster
January 15, 2019
Tuesday, January 15, 2019 - 5:30pm Whitney Humanities Center, Room 108 53 Wall Street
June 25, 2018
“History, at least in its state of imaginary perfection, is a compound of poetry and philosophy.” -Macaulay.  What does it mean to feel like you are living...
Jacques-Emile Blanche, Portrait of Marcel Proust, 1892
June 16, 2018
 “The only paradise is a lost paradise.” A close reading (in English) of Marcel Proust’s masterpiece, “Remembrance of Things Past”, with emphasis upon major...
Professor Martin Hagglund
April 13, 2018
Martin Hagglund, Professor of Humanities and Comparative Literature and Chair of the Comparative Literature Department, has been awarded a prestigious...
November 14, 2017
Yale’s Humanities Program hosted a “Humanities in Medicine” workshop on Sunday afternoon, bringing together Yale students and alumni to discuss how the study...