New Modernities Course by Stefanie Markovits and Stuart Semmel: Nineteenth-Century Historical Narratives

June 25, 2018

“History, at least in its state of imaginary perfection, is a compound of poetry and philosophy.” -Macaulay

What does it mean to feel like you are living through history? Study the age that discovered that the past is a foreign country–one that historians and novelists tried to colonize.

British historical narratives in the nineteenth century, an age often cited as the crucible of modern historical consciousness. How a period of industrialization and democratization grounded itself in imagined pasts—whether recent or distant, domestic or foreign—in both historical novels and works by historians who presented programmatic statements about the nature of historical development.

HUMS 410a: Modernities: Nineteenth-Century Historical Narratives
Fall 2018
MW 11:35am-12:50pm
Stefanie Markovits and Stuart Semmel

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