To: New Haven Public High School Teachers and Librarians

Please help us find students who could benefit from a summer program.

Citizens Thinkers Writers is a tuition-free two-week summer residential program and year-long fellowship program at Yale University for students from New Haven public schools who are interested in exploring fundamental human questions in a college setting. In small discussion seminars led by professors, students will gain invaluable experience in close reading, analytic writing, and college-level discussion. They will see themselves as active participants in a long-running philosophical conversation that dates back to ancient Greece and Rome, and will link this conversation to their own experiences as citizens of twenty-first-century New Haven.


  • Rising seniors who love to read and discuss big questions
  • Aspiring college students from New Haven public schools
  • Preference to students who would be first in their immediate families to attend college


  • A tuition-free two-week residential program at Yale, followed by a year-long fellowship program with monthly meetings
  • Small seminars with professors and undergraduate & graduate mentors
  • A chance to explore great books and the questions they raise
  • An additional source of support through the college application process in the fall


  • Program dates are July 12, 2020 – July 24, 2020
  • Students live on campus Sunday evening through Friday and go home for the weekend.

How can teachers and librarians help?

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