The Shulman Seminar

On the model of the Franke Seminars and Lectures, the Shulman Seminars and Lectures focus on the convergence of the arts and sciences. In recognition of his roles as a Founding Fellow of the Whitney and as an unwavering supporter of the integration of scientific study and the humanities, the series is named after Robert Shulman, Sterling Professor Emeritus of chemistry, molecular biophysics and biochemistry, and senior research scientist in diagnostic radiology.

HUMS 457b / HIST 178J / PSYC 455b
Other Minds

Henry Cowles and Laurie Santos

A historical and scientific perspective on what this course will refer to as “other minds.” Students have the opportunity to study key scientific papers and interact with international experts on such topics as the cognitive capacities that allow humans to think of animal species as deserving of compassion and respect; why certain human groups are considered “less than” human; and what makes the human mind special. Prerequisites: one course in psychology and one course in historical perspectives, or with permission of the instructor.  SO
W 7pm-8:50pm