The Franke Seminar

The Franke Seminars and Lectures in the Humanities are intended to present important topics in the humanities to a wide and general audience, and to tie interdisciplinary undergraduate education to the work of distinguished visiting scholars. Made possible through the generosity of Richard and Barbara Franke, this series of lectures is organized in conjunction with Yale College courses (the Franke Seminars) and develops an annual theme of broad interest to the community.

HUMS 460b / AFAM 450b / WGSS 468b
New Orleans in the American Imaginary

Joseph Fischel and Crystal Feimster

Exploration of historical and contemporary New Orleans through the city’s literature, scholarship, theater, music, and food. New Orleans as both outlier and representative case of United States neoliberal economic reforms, racialized policing, casino capitalism, and hedonism.   HU
W 2:30pm-4:20pm