Core Seminars

HUMS 404b / ENGL 271b / FREN 383b
Modernities: Literature in the Era of Tyrannies 1919-1960

Alice Kaplan and David Bromwich

Political writing of the mid-20th century with emphasis on ideologies, including communism, fascism and democracy. Emphasis on British, French, and American authors such as Orwell, Camus, Sartre, Greene, Duras, and Arendt. Students must be in sophomore, junior, or senior year. 
T 9:25am-11:15am

HUMS 405b / CLCV 405b
Interpretations: The
Milette Gaifman and Emily Greenwood

Exploration of the Parthenon in history, including its religious, political, and cultural functions, as well as the history of encountering and interpreting the Parthenon across all media (archeology, architecture, art, film, literature, photography) from antiquity to hypermodernity.  HU
T 1:30pm-3:20pm

HUMS 406a / ENGL 273a
Modernities: The Politics of Emotion and Sensibility
Giulia Oskian and Joseph North

An extended inquiry into the political implications of theorizing emotions and sensibilities in different ways. Broad engagement with key thinkers from a number of different traditions, including European philosophy, British literary criticism, and contemporary poetry.  HU
T 1:30pm-3:20pm